Monday, January 12, 2009

where have I been?

In case you're wondering where I've been for the past three days I was in the hospital for the second time in the last month with pneumonia. don't worry I'll be fine this is a very common thing for someone with Duchenne's. Due to our very weak muscles in our chests we are unable to adequately cough up stuff in our lungs and things settle her along and we get sick. Lucky for me it was caught rarely and with antibiotics I'm back on my feet so to speak. It certainly wasn't fun but have nothing to do but move on with my life and hope and pray my health holds out. The reason I got pneumonia twice in one month is my antibiotics were stopped too early and the pneumoniae came back. Back in August I choked on a bagel and ended up getting severe pneumonia that almost took my life, that is when I was trait to help my severely weakened lungs fill with air once again. I was in the hospital for two months then it took everything I had to get through it. Hospitals are a part of life for someone with Duchenne and we just have to live with it. like they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I definitely feel that it's true. Those two months in the hospital changed me forever, before I was an angry, negative, and downright mean person but now I am filled with compassion and I look on the positive side. Coming near death will do that to you! In a way I am thankful for those two months I am much happier with myself and life in general, it's a miracle how I've changed!

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