Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A busy day!

Today I had a preop appointment since I'm going under the knife on January 6 for a small procedure. Today they read me the risks which were minimal, made me fill out a ridiculously long survey on the health, and walked me through the procedure. The procedure is the removal of scar tissue around my stoma, a stoma is a small hole in my trachea in which a tracheostomy tube is inserted onto which my ventilator is connected. The procedure involves using a scalpel and acauterization tool to remove the excess tissue which makes changing my trach tube very difficult. Trach tubes are usually are changed every two weeks to avoid it being permanently embedded in my throat and to avoid infection from a dirty trach tube. They will put me under light anesthesia for the procedure which will take about an hour and a half or so. There is very little risk this surgery and I will only be in the hospital overnight.

Another thing I did today was pick up my new cushion from my local wheelchair shop. The old cushion I have was causing me severe pain on my buttocks so I had to go. I opted for a Roho cushion which is a cushion made up of dozens of small compartments that are filled with air and can be adjusted to fit anyone. I'll be sitting on error when I try it out tomorrow. Hopefully this will end the pain in my butt.

Well that's it for today thanks for reading.


  1. Hello by coincidence i came on your blog.

    I come from The Netherlands, you can see it on my Englisch:P

    I wish you luck in your life and keep writing!

    Can i put myself in the followers?

  2. Mitch,

    Get them to give you a Bivona, the proceedure is not necessary brother!

  3. Hi Mitch,

    You are a very strong guy. Keep up your writing and I will follow when I can. Keep telling us about your lab, she sounds wonderful.