Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I was driving!

Or at least that's what my mind believed as I lay in a deep slumber last night. I had the truly bizarre yet very positive dream, I was doing what I have wanted to deal my whole life that was an American right of passage, driving an automobile! This is something that can only exist in my dreams however since the cost of modifying a vehicle for someone with my level of immobility is astronomical, I don't have to be a millionaire can afford it or at least fairly wealthy. In my dream however this was not problem since I won a very large sum of money by simply shopping. I was at some sort of store where in order to win a large sum of money one simply had to buy a bunch of toys, how easy is that! After winning the money I found myself at a car dealership specializing in vehicles modified for the disabled, I found myself drooling over a shiny new P T Cruiser cutting convertable set up for someone like me to be able to drive. It had a lowered floor, electric ramp that folded up, the drivers seat removed so I could drive my wheelchair into it's place, and instead of a steering wheel there was a control panel with buttons to go forward turn left and right and reverse. With the money I purchased the amazing vehicle and I was on my way cruising down the road! It took me a little getting used tobut once I got the hang of it I was like Mario Andretti passing everyone on the streets and leaving them tiddly inhale my exhaust. It was one of the coolest dreams I've ever had and I felt that it was worth sharing.

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  1. Sounds like an amazing dream my friend. :):):):)


    Hope your doing alright