Sunday, June 7, 2009

one hectic week

Today marks the end of one heck of a week in my life filled with ups and downs twists and turns and help you understand all that has gone on in this week I'll have to break it downin a numbered list.

1. I have been feeling chest pain on and off for the past week as well as an irregular heartbeat and even had to go to the ER. They ran a CT scan to check for a pneumothorax for hole in my lung, drew blood to test for signs of a heart attack, and took a chest x-ray. What did this battery of tests show absolutely nothing everything looked completely normal which was a shock and a release at the same time. At least I know it's nothing life threatening. I would like to know what caused the pain though so I am going to go to my cardiologist for a full cardiac check.luckily my heart rate has been steady for the most part and I haven't had a more effective pain.

2. The fund raiser has achieved something I thought was impossible we have reached a $15,000 mark all thanks to that amazing article. the amount of love in this world astounds me. thanks again from the bottom of my heart for anyone who has donated to our cause. God bless you!

4. in spite of everything that has gone on with my health I decided I needed to do something to take my mind off of all of the stress so I caught a WNBA basketball game featuring the Sacramento teamknown as the Monarchs and their fiercest rival in the Seattle Storm. my wonderful friend Amy hooked my mom and myself up with amazing seats in a suite!The game was amazing those women can keep right up with the Guys, if they weren't sporting ponytails and breasts I would have never known women were actually playing they are that good. I was amazed at how tall they were for women tallest member of the storm was 6 foot five. both teams put up a valiant effort and for most of the game and the score was very close. In the end my favorite the Sacramento monarchs met defeat but not after putting on one heck of a the end the Explorer was 61 to 71. We had a blast.

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  1. Hey buddy,

    just wanted to let you know i am still praying about you & thinking about you. I sure hope you have a wonderful & stress free week.

    God Bless & keep hanging in there,