Monday, June 1, 2009

The Cadillac of Trachs

For the last 4 months or so I've been having an unusual problem that has effected my quality of life immensely. Mucus has been pooling above my tracheotomy tube in the back of my throat that I was unable to cough up no matter how hard I tried. Having the secretions above my tube made it very difficult to talk, when I would talk it would often sound like I was underwater or in desperate need of suctioning, sometimes no sound would come out at all. This made it very hard to socialize since my voice could cut out at any time, it was embarrassing frustrating and very depressing. I went months thinking I would always sound like that and I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. This all started when an experimental tracheotomy tube was placed in me back in February when I had surgery to open up my stoma or hole in my neck. It turned out there was a problem with this experimental tube, it didn't fit in me properly and stuck up in the air 45° out of the hole which was very harmful to my trachea. After two months of having this tube in my neck it had caused my trachea to change shape. This is what I believe cause my problem with secretions pooling. It around this time a glimmer of hope began to shine, a knowledgeable ear nose and throat nurse told us about a brand-new tracheotomy tube that had a port to section above the cuff which would allow the secretions to be removed alleviating my problem. Only one thing these tubes were in very short supply as they were only being used on a trial basis by the hospital. Luckily today after months of waiting I was able to get my dirty little hands on one my doctor found one and put it in me. Today I went in for my routine monthly trach change, everything was routine about it except for the fact I would be using this coveted new tube. This too was exactly 1 mm in diameter larger than my previous model so the Dr. was unsure that it would fit. She informed me that the it may be quite painful to insert disc two has the larger tube. This had me quite anxious but I knew I had to go through a fit if I wanted to improve the quality of my life. To my astonishment the new tube slid right into place with no problem! I was so relieved I felt like singing. I no longer had to live with embarrassment and shame about a speech problem I could finally breathe a sigh of relief.


  1. I am so glad this worked out Mitch! Amy

  2. I am so glad all this worked out for the best Mitch. Congrats:):)

    Keep blogging. I love to keep up to date on how your doing & all.

    I sure do miss chatting with you on yahoo:(

    Have a blessed week & always remember you have tons of prayers coming your way day & night from Northeastern Oklahoma.:D::D

    Take Care,