Sunday, March 1, 2009

without a hitch

Friday's procedure which I outlined in my previous post I am happy to reportwent off without a hitch. It was far quicker and easier than I ever imagined it would be, I have had anxiety about this for months and it turns out my anxiety was unfounded. The simple procedure started with the nurse giving me a small dose of very powerful drug Versed which alters your consciousness and makes pain much less severe. Getting the medicine into me however was a little bit of a challenge. Once again I needed an IV which for me is not a simple task as my veins are very hard to see and are very tiny so it took three tries to finally get the medicine flowing. Once I was in a medicated blissful state they numbed my throat with a disgusting tasting spray that smells like bananas of all things to make the insertion of the scope more comfortable, they also put a mouthpiece in to help guide the long snakelike camera. I have to admit it wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world but I've had far worse done to me without medication. Next the scope was slid into my stomach and on the monitor set up next to the gurney I could see the image of my stomach on the screen, it was far cleaner looking and empty than I thought. No fluid or anything just a nice pink chamber with glistening walls. After they maneuvered the scope in my stomach I was able to see the mushroom or rubber stopper that was holding the stomach tube in place. Since the stopper appeared small enough the doctor decided just to yank it out after all, 1...2...3 bam! that tube was gone all I felt was a slight stinging sensation at the site which only lasted a split second. I was shocked and relieved at how easy it was I was all worked up in my mind that this is going to be some horrible experience that turned out to be nothing more than a mosquito bite. After the tube was removed they inserted the new tube and it was all over. what a huge feeling of relief I felt when it was all said and done it's a feeling I really can't describe. after the drug wore off they got me back up in my chair and away I went home feeling like I could conquer the world.

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  1. Yay!! I am so glad to hear the simple surgery/procedure went extremely well. I was worried about you. Like always lol. Yea i know stop worrying Salie. haha

    Anyways ((hugs)) buddy. Glad to hear you are home & doing fine.:)

    Take Care,