Sunday, March 8, 2009

Snow Day

Yesterday was another fun filled action packed day in a glistening snow covered landscape. This time however it wasn't just myself, my mom, and Lynelle having all the fun, we were accompanied by at least 50 people and just as many dogs at a Houston in Truckee California for an event known as snow day. This is an event that takes place every March at a house owned by a couple who are CCI (Canine companions for Independence) puppy raisers and breeders. Every year they invite puppy raisers, CCI graduates like myself, breeders, and their canines to their amazing wheelchair accessible home for a day of food fun and conversation. They have a large fenced in back yard where all the dogs can run and play together to their hearts content and I spend hours watching them play with my beautiful Lynelle. There is something very magical about the way they play that captures my imagination and I can be engrossed for hours just watching them run around like the carefree animals that they are. I met very nice people and had a wonderful time soaking up the sun and taking in the sights. I can't explain how amazing it is to watch dogs in their natural environment, it's like they know how to have a better time than humans ever could.we can really learn something by watching them.

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  1. Hi Mitch Yvonne here Amy's friend came by the house a week or so ago. Your blog/website is amamzing. You do very good work. I am so glad you are feeling well and keep enjoying life and telling us about it, thru your eyes it makes the journey even more amazing.

    Thank you!