Friday, April 24, 2009

We need your help

Amy Bush a very dear compassionate friend of my mom and I put together a website to help us stay in our home and she needs your help to make it happen. Since my mother had to quite her full time job as a physical therapist assistant back in August of 2008 to take care of me full-time due to my chair becoming more complicated we have been struggling to make ends meet. We have tried to get a loan modification through our lender countrywide but they refused to help us and they say they would rather have us lose our house. We need donations from generous people like yourself to keep our wonderful home. Visit the website below to donate. Every little bit counts even one dollar. thank you so much for your support!

Mitch Ball


  1. Oh no!!

    I sure hope you can keep your beautiful house Mitch. That would be terrible if you lose it.:(:( Stupid ecomony!!

    Just keep hanging in there

    prayers for you all

    God bless,

  2. We know the feeling re: can't just up and move like a ambulatory person can and find another place to call home.

    Here in Maine I had to quit working as a Certified Nursing Aid when my son also became total care....I couldn't get any help from any outside agencies. Here in Maine thru a State Waiver program to help keep disabled individuals in their homes, my son was able to hire whom he wanted and he hired me as his 24/7 caregiver ( he lives with me , I get paid to be his caregiver as if he had hired someone in our area it is very hard to get reliable help or even someone to be a 24/7 caregiver. So, we were very fortunate that once he turned 18 his name came up on the list to receive help thru this program and he hired me. Prior to this it was very hard on us financially...just living off of his SSI and child support and what little odds and ends jobs I could get to make a few extra dollars.

    Do, they have such programs in your state....know not all states have prgrams like this.

    My son and I most certainly know what it means when you said Thanks for reading my blog I hope it opens your eyes to what living life or disability is like.

    Like when our van ramp doesn't work and we have to try and figure how to get it to Ride Away a 5 hr. drive from our house....and probably not having a loaner to use in the meantime. It's not like I can catch a ride with someone do we get Adam's wheelchair in their, many obstacles.

    I will contact you with a way we would like to help out....and we will make a donation too. Won't be right now as the van ramp is not working properly and are in the midst of the how do we get the van to Gray Maine, and now we just found out we need new brakes...we have a 2004 Chevy Venture Entervan....we got it brand new back in June 04. Have had nothing but, problems with the ramp.
    Right now can't afford to trade it for another one.....another expense that is hard on people living life from a wheelchair.

    We will stay in touch!
    Cheryl Markey
    my son's name is Adam MacDonald ( I recently remarried after 13 yrs. of being divorced from Adam's dad )Adam is 23 yrs. old.
    Do, you or your mom have a facebook page....if you do please add both of us to your friend list!!!