Monday, April 13, 2009

Trach Change successful!

Today I had my first trach tube change since my surjury to open up my stoma back in february. The reason for that surgery was to make the trach changes much easier. Before the surjury trach changes were a living nightmare, the doctor had to pull hard and twist the tube until it ripped out of my neck causing severe pain and bleeding. It literally felt like my throut was being torn out! Today things are much different the surjery did the trick and the tube slid right out with only the mildest of discomfort and only a slight amount of bleeding. I couldn't believe how easy it was, I no longer have to be tortured for what is supposed to be a routine prosedure. Before to today it was anything but routine, I would get so worked up before a Trach change I'd have to take an antianxiety drug Adavan beforehand even with that my hands would sweat and I would feel as if I were going to my execution. Now a mountain the size of Everest has been hoisted off my shoulders. This momentous day has improved the quality of my life imensly and I couldn't be happier.


  1. VERY COOL, I am so happy! Amy

  2. That is such wonderful news Mitch.

    I am so glad Trach changes are alot easier now.:):)

    Your best friend,

  3. You're amazing, Mitch. Congrats on the easier and less painful switching of trach tubes, that must be such a relief. I got your blog link from a friend and am gonna forward it to everyone I know in hopes of getting you and your mom some donations. All the best to you.