Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a 24th birthday to remember

for those of you who are unaware Saturday May 9th was my 24th birthday. It's hard to believe that another year of this life has gone by, I can't believe I'm already 24 it seems like yesterday I turned 21. To celebrate my birthday's it's usually a immediate family affair consisting of a small get together with a cake and something delicious for dinner. We open presents talk and just enjoy each other's company friends are usually left out of the mix. This year I decided to do something a little different this time I wanted to hang with my buddies. I have decided to go to a movie with my friends but besides that I couldn't think of anything else to fill the day. So my mom brainstormed for a few days and finally came up with the perfect idea of going to a comedy club. It's a great place for people my age to meet with a couple of buddies on a Saturday night. The buddies that I invited were Kenny 23, he is a friend of mine that shares my same disease and we go way back all the way back when I was six years old. the other friend I invited was Austin 20, he and I have only been friends for about a year but we already have a great friendship. He's a very kind and compassionate guy it was a lot of fun to be around. We met about a year ago at the disabled teen ministry called walk on water which I mentioned in a previous post. The movie we decided to see was X-Men origins: Wolverine... Wolverine is my favorite X-Men character and I thought the movie looks spectacular thiazide it would be the perfect movie for my birthday the movie turned out to be just as spectacular as I had imagined for the best action movies I've seen in a very long time and all three of us had a blast. The movie started at 3:15 in the afternoon and the comedy show didn't start until 8:30 at night.that left us plenty of time to go back to my house to enjoy a meal of spinach ravioli and a green salad I myself cannot eat such things so I had a strawberry milkshake. after we ate there was enough time to relax and open up presents before it was time to the comedy club. The first the comedy club that night was featuring three comedians one of which was on a sitcom called Gary unmarried and I can't for the life of me remember his name. He actually turned out to be the least funny of the three in my opinion go figure, most of his jokes were dirty and sexual in nature and I'm not the kind of guy who enjoys that brand of humor. The other two were a riot, the first guy made fun of things people encounter in their everyday lives, nothing dirty just good clean humor he didn't even swear! To me the best comedians are the ones who can make people laugh without putting their minds in the gutter. The second guy was slightly less cleanbut still hilarios, the "Loser" as I call him made fun of himself the whole time about how dirt poor he was it was a hoot. This has been one of the best bdays I ever had.


  1. Happy belated 24th birthday Mitch:):)

    I can't believe another year has gone by.

    I am so sorry i missed it. (((hugs)))

    I am so glad to hear you are doing well.

    I am always looking forward to your blogs.

    Glad you had fun. My 18th birthday is coming up on the 23rd. Weird we have the same month birthdays.

    Anyways have a blessed week,

  2. Hi, Mitch. I was so surprised to find that you took over most of the front page of yesterday's "Our Region" section of the Bee. Usually, I read the paper every day, but we were away for the weekend and just came home today. Before I had a chance to take the rubberband off the paper, Diana
    Braden called and told me to look at the paper. You must have made quite an impression on the reporter.
    I'm sorry that you and your mother are having financial problems. I hope everything works out. You deserve it.
    Janet Ulmer julmer@macnexus.org