Friday, July 24, 2009

Mitch at the Movies

Please bear in mind that i'm new to video blogging so there are a few mistakes. I'm unable to figure out editing so it's pretty rough.


  1. I left a comment a few minutes ago but I must not have done it right it didnt work. I hope you get this one and not duplicates :) I am Jamie Taylor we went to preschool together. A friend of mine who also went to preschool with us her mother found your article and told us about it tonight. I thought I would get on here and say hi and I will be praying for you I hope your feeling well and look forward to another video! This video cracked me up becaused I said the same thing about the movie. I almost had to take a nap from over stimulation after watching it!
    Im going to look up some preschool pictures tonight if I find any good ones il let you know.

  2. Sorry for the bad grammar! haha